How To Turn Off Quotshow Simplified Viewquot Pop Up On Chrome On Android

Chrome on Android has a feature referred to as “Simplified View” that pops up every time you visit a website that helps it. As soon as enabled, it shows the webpage in a purifier layout stripping away annoying formatting and ads, but more usually than not, it’s just a distraction that we need to near each time.

Thankfully, Chrome has a hidden putting in the chrome flags to disable it. The better part is, you can set it to show only whilst the web page is not mobile-friendly in order that we can cash in on the function devoid of being distracted each time.

Disable “Show Simplified View” Pop-up on Chrome

To disable the “Show Simplified View” pop-up, we’ll utilize Chrome Flags.

For the unknow, chrome Flags are experimental features by means of Chrome that are still within the progress part and haven’t been rolled out in a steady version. It can be successful or a omit but more usually than not, it will enhance your browser experience by means of leaps and bounds.

You can access the flags function by using typing the following URL in your Chrome browser address box.


You’ll see a long list of options, every of which has a drop-down menu that can be set to Default, Enabled, or Disabled. There are many them, so the way to find them is by means of utilizing the Seek flags field just under the address bar.

Search for the option referred to as “Reader Mode triggering” within the search bar. Or you could instantly open this hyperlink to access the exact flag. This flag is merely available on the Chrome on Android, you can’t customize it from the computer or iOS devices.


You can see that the choice set to “Default” mode. Via taping on that default option, you could see a pop-up with assorted options.

To completely disable the exhibit simplified view feature, simply change the option from Default to “Never”, so that the characteristic will discontinue showing up completely.

But with the intention to use the characteristic on webpages that aren’t optimized to work on mobiles. You can set it to “Non-mobile-friendly articles” so that the pop-will merely pop-up whilst even needed. For my testing, Chrome is surely good at finding internet pages that are not optimized to cellular and promises a quick easy feature.

After selecting a flag option, you’ll be caused to re-launch your browser to turn on it, this would close the Chrome and reopens it via including the adjustments to the browser.

Now you won’t be getting the pop-up on each website announcing “Show simplified view” any more.

Wrapping up

Though there are few different suggestions like “All articles” and “With article established markup”, they are completely pointless as they’re just pop-up on each internet web page that is an editorial or has article schema markup, which is anything what default mode already does. So how this tricked labored for you? When you’ve got any problems, let us know in the comments below.