How To Transfer Files From Pc To Iphone Without Itunes

A few years ago, Apple, for some mysterious reason, decided to take away dossier transfer function from iTunes in its entirety. You’re now compelled to apply a convoluted method that makes use of the Photos app, instead. It additionally makes it much more rough to repeat arbitrary documents to and from your iPad or iPhone.

As an iOS energy user, this become a serious inconvenience for me. Because of its screen size, my iPad 10.5 is my gadget of choice for looking movies and shows. I desire a way to reproduction video clips over to the iPad to watch a lot of these. With iTunes not a feasible solution, 1/3 party equipment became the sole option. That is where iFunBox and Fileza come into the picture. Together, those two equipment enable me to repeat arbitrary documents to and from my iPad and PC, in addition to play movies in gamers like VLC while not having to head via a headache-inducing sync process. It’s important to note first that this technique requires you to be jailbroken. I stayed on iOS 12.4 to preserve having fun with the benefit of this approach. If you’re jailbroken, follow the stairs less than to find out how to transfer and use documents on your iPad or iPhone devoid of iTunes.

Part One: Installing Filza

Filza is a strong file management solution. It delivers nearly as a lot manage over the iOS dossier constitution as you get on a standard iOS device. It’s a jailbreak app, which means that you’ll have to set up it from Cydia.

Step 1: Release Cydia

Step 2: You’ll need to tap at the Search icon at the backside correct nook of the Cydia interface

Step 3: Enter “Filza” within the search bar, then select Filza.

Step 4: Faucet on “Install” at the right correct corner

Step 5: Tap “Confirm”

This will download Filza from its Cydia repository and install it. It’ll now be available for you, a dead ringer for a traditional app.

Part Two: Installation iFunBox

Step 1: Install iTunes if you haven’t already completed so. It’s because the Apple cellular device driver is bundled with the iTunes Windows application. With out this, iFunbox won’t paintings properly. Visit the iTunes install page here. Then scroll down and click on “Windows” wherein it says Looking for different versions? Doing this would get you the steady iTunes app instead of the buggy Microsoft Store version.

Step 2: Download and install iFunBox. You may get it on the following link. Just click in which it says “V3.0.” To install, simply double click on the installing file and proceed with the steady setting up process.

Part Three: Copying Documents to and Out of your PC and iOS Device

Step 1: Attach your iOS gadget in your PC using Thunderbolt/USB C or the 18 pin.

Step 2: Be sure your iOS gadget is unlocked. Input your password or use TouchID in case you have either configured.

Step 3: Open up iFunbox on your desktop. It is going to exhibit a loading screen first in which it says “connecting on your device.” After this, you’ll be offered with the interface below. So that it will Click on Toolbox first.

Step 4: Now click on “User File System.”

Step 5: You could choose any folder to copy your files to. However, I imply using the Downloads folder. It’s simple to later entry on Filza. Select this folder now

Step 6: Click on on Copy From PC. This will bring you to a folder menu

Step 7: Click on a dossier you wish to transfer in your iOS device and click open.

Step 8: If you’ve followed these steps correctly, the dossier transfer will start in iFunBox.

Part Four: Copying Documents On your PC out of your iOS Device

Follow all the steps above. However, at Step 5, do the following:

Step 5a. Click on a file you wish to move on your PC

Step 6a. Click on on Reproduction To PC

Step 7a. Choose a folder on your PC that you wish to move the file to

Step 8a. The transfer will begin

Part Five: Using Filza to entry your Files

Filza is an extremely powerful file manager. It has a ton of features. But today’s instructional is simply going to be about having access to the video dossier that you’ve copied over.

Step 1. First thing to do is navigating the Downloads folder. iFunbox and Filza present the iOS folder structure a bit differently. In Filza, you wil have got to navigate to var/mobile/Media/Downloads. Take a look at the following screens to find out how to get there.

Step 2. As soon as you are there, you should change the default app on your video files. Many dossier formats aren’t supported via either the stock player or Filza’s integrated player. If you’ve downloaded a third-party video player app like VLC, you can choose it via doing the following:

2a. Tap at the “I” icon at the right

2b. Choose “open with”

2c. Scroll down to reach your popular video player, then tap on it.

Now, via default, videos of this format will open in that particular player.

That’s all there is to it. Apple could make it very convoluted to get your PC and iOS device to play nice together. That doesn’t imply it’s impossible. Following these steps, you’ll have the ability to replica documents to and out of your iOS device, as well as gambling them locally. That’s as powerful as the dossier copying technique on an Android device. We hope you discovered this useful.