How To Transfer Data From One Google Account To Another

There may be instances after we want to difference our Google account due to quite a few motives most of the time because our mail ID would look funny, confusing, embarrassing, or perhaps just too lengthy to remember. As we cannot difference the Gmail ID, all we will do is create a brand new Google account, yet most of the data like contacts, emails, photos, files from your ancient account won’t get transferred, a minimum of now not automatically.

Nonetheless, there is a way to migrate as much account information as we can, manually. Fair warning, it may take hours or even days to download, based at the size of your information in the account. However, the actual migration of data will merely take some hours. Also, there are some necessities that you wish to learn about before starting.

Things to understand before transferring data

1. There is not any computerized strategy that magically transfers all your data. You need to manually export and import data into every Google service.

2. Third-party apps that you’ve logged in with Google Sign-in won’t work. You could manually change that within the apps’ settings.

3. You may merely transfer information like Contacts, Mails, Calander events, Drive files, Photos, bookmarks, etc. However, you can not transfer information such as the YouTube channels you’ve subscribed to, Tasks, Preserve notes, Playlists, etc.

4. The apps, movies, music, books, and so on that you’ve purchased with the Google Play app would no longer be transferred including the Google Play Balance.

5. In your YouTube Channel, Adsense, Analytics, etc there are few workarounds that allow you to transfer, we’ll come to that later in this article.

Transferring information from one G Suite account to another

First of all, when you’ve got a G Suite account, then you could transfer the data to a new G Suite account with a three-step automatic process. In case, you don’t find out about G Suite, an electronic mail address that’s like [email protected] .com is maybe a G Suite address, whereas [email protected] is probably a regular account.

If you’re utilizing an everyday account, then you definately skip all the way down to the next step.

Transferring of G Suite account information is done with a third-party app referred to as Vault me that can be accessed on any information superhighway browser. When you are curious about utilizing a third-party app on your emails, I enormously propose you inspect their Privateness Policy page earlier than starting.

  • Create a new G Suite Google account,
  • Open Vault me on a information superhighway browser, log-in together with your OLD ID in ‘Change from’ area & together with your NEW ID in ‘Change to” section,
  • Choose what data you want to move and begin your copy.

The copying strategy would take time based at the size of the data. This process will paintings at the server, so you can switch off your desktop and come back later. It copies all your data association too including folders and labels. You will get an email on the two ancient and new mail IDs as soon as the method is completed.

Transferring Data from one Google Account to another

The earlier method purely works for the G Suite users, Unfortunately, there isn’t any automatic process when you have a normal Google account. You’ll ought to do everything manually. Let’s get to it.

First, create your new Google account. Take time and choose it wisely, due to the fact you know replacing Gmail ID usually is not a simple process.

Next, open your historic Google account in a brand new tab. Here, we need to down load the info linked with your Google account, it’s called Google Takeout Archive and you could include every little thing in it. Log-in to your historic Google account, go to the account settings > Data & Personalisation > Download your data in the ‘Download or Delete’ section. Alternatively, you may click on on this link to directly pass to the ultimate page.

This page will exhibit all of the data associated to your historic account ranging from auto-fill, region history, shopping list, to your contacts. Check all of the data you desire to transfer and click the ‘next step’ button.

Choose file variety ‘Zip’, select the down load destination, and click Create export. It could even take days when you have various data on Google.

Once the export is completed, download and extract the zip file in your computer. This Google Takeout Archive has each of the information you wish to seamlessly migrate to a brand new Google account. Once you have extracted the zip, you could discover the Google Takeout Archive folder like this.

Next, we ought to add these information to the recent Google account. However, for the reason that Google doesn’t allow you to import all the information at once, so you’d ought to import it to every carrier individually.

Import Contacts to New Google Account

Let’s begin with contacts. In your new Google account, move to Google Contacts, click on import at the left sidebar. Choose the ‘.vcf’ file in the Contacts folder of the Google Takeout archive. All your contacts will be imported to the hot account. Easy.

Importing Emails to the New Gmail Account

Technically the Google Takeout Archive has all of the emails and call data out of your ancient account yet you would need to use Thunderbird service to import all that data. I discover this alternative technique easier as you can virtually import emails to your new Gmail account from the Gmail Settings page itself.

To import emails in your new Gmail account, open Gmail on a cyber web browser, and log in together with your new Google account. Click on at the Settings button within the upper-right corner > Accounts and Import > Import mails and contacts. It will prompt you to go into and sign-in in your historic account in the pop-up. When you do that, it will sync all of the emails, contacts, etc to the new Gmail account. You’ll also take delivery of emails in your old account as well as the new account for the subsequent 30 days. You can, of course, disable this feature in Settings.

Importing Calendar Pursuits & Reminders

To import Calendar hobbies and Reminders, go to Google Calendar on your new account > Settings in upper-right nook > Import and export and select the calendar file in the Google Takeout archive. Click the Import button and all your events, reminders, birthdays, goals, etc will exhibit up at the new account.

Importing Google Force Files

The files are downloaded as-is from the old Google Drive account and keep the hierarchy as well. This makes importing the historic Force account data to the new account effortless.

To import Force files, log-in to your Force account linked with the hot Google account. Click on New in the top-left corner > Folder Add and select the Force folder within the Google Takeout Archive. All of your historic documents will be uploaded for your new account. Simple, right?

But if you are having plenty of data at the Drive, importing them isn’t an easy task. It takes various time, information and your PC must be grew to become on until total data is uploaded. Alternatively, you can follow this straightforward process.

Open Drive together with your historic Google account and click “Ctrl + A” to select all the files. Now click on at the Share selection at the suitable right corner. Enter your new email ID and make sure the role is selected as “Editor”. Now click on on send and all those files can available by means of the recent account. Now returned open the proportion menu and choose the “Make Owner” preference in the drop-down menu beside the further email-ID. That’s it, you have total handle over your information from the recent account.

Importing Photographs to Google Photos

Coming to the memorable Google Photos, click on the upload button right on the proper of the Google Pictures homepage. Choose the Google Photographs folder within the Google Takeout Archive and choose each of the pictures enclosed in that folder. It could take various time to upload depending at the number of photos. Once that’s done, you would have efficiently migrated your Google Photographs to the new account.

Importing Bookmarks on Chrome Browser

Next, Bookmarks for browsers. I rely on these all day while browsing. To import the bookmarks in your new account, just open your browser > click the Concepts button at the desirable correct corner> Bookmarks > Import bookmarks and Settings. choose the Bookmarks Record dossier from the drop-down menu and add the file in the Google Takeout Archive.

Google Takeout Archive basically downloads bookmarks from the Chrome Browser. So in case you use the other browser, your best bet will be to export the bookmarks manually and then import it to your current browser.

Importing Google’s Autofill Passwords

You can also import Autofill information from the browser. Pass to browser settings > passwords lower than the Autofill section and click on on import and choose the file autofill in the Chrome folder of Google Takeout archive. If the import characteristic isn’t available on the Autofill page, then turn on the Password import flag in Chrome flags.

Changing your YouTube Channel

Coming to the most important part, the YouTube channel. In case you don’t make any videos, then it’s not an issue, yet when you have a YouTube channel associated together with your old account, then you may move the ownership to the new channel.

On the historic Google account, move to YouTube Studio > Settings > Permissions > click on on Invite and invite your new account ID as a Supervisor and Click Save. You will receive an e-mail on your new account, accept the invitation and also you are now the chief of your channel. You may put up videos, invite other people, remove and edit stuff, etc yet the sole caveat is that you cannot delete the channel using the recent account. For that, you will nonetheless have to apply your historic Google account. You can additionally difference the associated AdSense account for your new Google Adsense account.

Wrapping Up

Though this is a bit lengthy process, it’s your best option we have. It may leave a few information like our YouTube subscriptions, retain notes, etc, you’re getting quite a few most beneficial data like your contacts and files. By means of now, it’s obvious that Google doesn’t like you to export and import or difference your mail tackle directly.