How To Take Polls In Microsoft Teams

Unlike Zoom, there is not any built-in ballot in Microsoft Teams. But, the Microsoft Teams’ App Store is particularly prosperous comparatively and you have a group of apps that can assist with organization polls. So, here’s how you take polls in Microsoft Teams.

How to Take Polls in Microsoft Teams

1. Open the Microsoft Teams app and click on on the Apps preference at the bottom-left. Next, kind Polly in the seek bar and hit Enter. From the quest results, click on Polly.

Unlike Slack, there is not any minimize to the variety of apps you could add for your Microsoft Team workspace.

2. At the Polly app page, click on on “Add” to install the app inside your Team workspace.

Alternatively, you can also head over to this hyperlink and upload Polly directly to Teams.

3. Once you have hooked up Polly, you’ll see a further tab referred to as “Polly” on the Crew apps’ sidebar. Additionally, you will additionally see a Polly icon slightly below the chatbox.

4. For the first time you use Polly, it is going to ask you to sign with your account. You may select to “Sign in with Microsoft” account instead. Further, you’ll be asked to provide a group of permissions for Polly to entry data from your Microsoft Teams workspace.

5. Now, anytime you ought to take a poll within a channel, group assembly or perhaps a DM, just click at the Polly button beneath the chat textbox. It is going to launch a pop-up in which you may supply your Query and the options. Additionally, you could provide the poll closing time, permit diverse votes, maintain replies anonymous, etc.

Once you’re done, navigate to the lowest and click on the preview button.

6. On the preview page, you could test out the ballot functionality. In case you want to make changes, click on Edit or you can go forward and “Send” the poll.

The ballot feels like the following. You may view the outcomes from the chat window itself.

Quickly release Polly

If you can’t discover the Polly button in the chat options, you may instead kind “@polly” and quickly launch the poll menu.


Polly is accessible both as a standalone app and as an add-on for collaboration apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Basically, it’s free with unlimited polls and 5 question times. You will not often consider the need to upgrade to the pro variant ($99/month) as it provides fairly a few components like question templates, reports, etc.

Closing Words

In phrases of features, Microsoft Groups feels a more polished and feature-rich alternative than Slack and Zoom. To grasp extra concerning the difference between paid and authorized variations of Microsoft Teams, head over to this link. For extra issues or queries, allow me recognize in the reviews below.