How To Take A Screenshot On Roku

Even although Roku is packed with functions like screen mirroring, customizable themes, wise app aid among different hidden features. It lacks a simple feature – taking a screenshot. While you could always use an outside trap card, there is, however, a hidden function that’s intended strictly for builders and you’ll need to take some additional steps to trap the Roku display as a screenshot. Let’s see how it works.

Before we begin, there are a few boundaries to this process. Case in point – you can simply take a screenshot if you are at the channel you’ve sideloaded. You won’t be capable of take screenshots of whatever that’s not sideloaded.

Take a Screenshot on Roku

To get started, we have to first enable Dev tools on the Roku. To do that grab the Roku distant and press here keys to disclose a secret menu.

Press Domestic x3 > Up x2 > Correct > Left > Right > Left > Right

Here x potential the variety of times you would like to press that button. For instance, press Domestic x3 means, press the Domestic button thrice and so on.

You’ll see here screen with two options; “Enable Installer and Restart“, and “Cancel”. Select the former and hooked up the server info together with username and password. After finishing up, Roku will prompt you to restart the device, allow the Roku gadget boot up.

Now, open a information superhighway browser in your computer (connected to a similar Wifi network) and enter the IP address of the Roku device to log in, it’ll immediate you to go into the credentials before letting you in. If you aren’t certain how to uncover the IP address of Roku device, you could use apps like Fing (iOS, Android) or Instant Community Watcher for Windows.

After logging in, Click on ‘Utilities‘ on the right right corner.

Scroll down and you’ll find the activities which you can take from this window. You may look into a package, upload an app, view profiling data, and of course capture a screenshot. Click the button and it will seize whatsoever that is being presently displayed in your Roku screen.

Here’s the screenshot of your Roku device. You may now download it in your computing device by using right-clicking at the photo and select shop as. The decision is the same as your Roku native resolution, in our case, it was 1280x720p, JPG for Roku Express 2017.

Closing Words

That became a brief how-to on shooting a screenshot of your Roku device. Surely, it is never a perfect answer compared with other devices however it still works.

Similarly, there isn’t any thanks to record Roku display screen in contrast to Firestick or Android TV in which you can use third-party display screen recorder apps. The only work to record a screencast on Roku is by using utilizing outside hardware together with seize card. The only we use is Elgato Game Trap Card HD60 S. It helps 1080p at 60 fps.

What do you contemplate this method, permit me be aware of within the reviews below?