How To Set Up An Inactive Channel Afk Channel On Discord

Your Discord server might grow to be slow and unresponsive if there are numerous persons on the server at the equal time. It could make feel to kick users out temporarily who are inactive yet there is a higher way, growing an inactive channel AKA, the AFK channel. You could flow inactive users to the Inactive channel in which clients simply remain in it and can’t text or chat. Let’s set up the Inactive channel on Discord.

Update:- Lately Discord modified the name of the AFK channel to In-active Channel.

The time period AFK brief for Far from Keyboard denotes a state of the discord consumer who isn’t actively using Discord or their laptop for that matter. However, those people who are gaming and utilizing Discord within the heritage aren’t regarded inactive users. We in simple terms want to circulate the clients that aren’t energetic at all to the AFK channel.

Creating an In-active Channel channel on Discord

To create an Inactive channel, first, you wish to create a standard voice channel. However you can convert an current voice channel to an Inactive channel, it’s greater to create a separate channel just for this purpose. Open Discord, and select a server. You may only create an Inactive channel if you’re the admin of the server.

Now, click on on the Channel call and click Create Channel. One other issue to keep in mind is that you could in simple terms convert voice channels into the Inactive channel. So you need to begin via making a voice channel.

Select the choice Voice Channel and provides it a suitable call so that people can keep in mind that it is an Inactive channel. For instance, I used the call Lifeless Channel (Inactive).

You have effectively created a channel, now you just have got to convert that channel into an Inactive channel. To do that, click in your server call and click on server settings.

In the evaluate section, scroll down and you could find the Inactive channel option

Open the dropdown and select the channel you just created.

Now set the Inactive timeout. If the man is inactive greater than the Inactive timeout, they’ll be moved to this channel. I in general want 5 minutes, but when there are extra those who play RPG games, you could set the timeout for a little longer.

Click save changes. You have created a channel and successfully converted it into an Inactive channel.

Now every time it moves anyone to the Inactive channel, it’s going to show them a pop-up announcing that you’ve been moved to the Inactive channel.

Final Words

An inactive channel is not just useful to go people, but persons could also flow manually to the Inactive channel so that they don’t get distracted via notifications. Anyhow, you don’t must set up the AFK bot in Discord like before, Discord has an inbuilt choice which makes matters even easier. What do you examine this method? Permit me know in the comments below.

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