How To Send Secret Messages On Iphone

Steganography is the practice of hiding a message within one other message. The message might be in any shape ⏤ text, images, video, and even physical objects. In this article, I’ll show you a way to use steganography to ship mystery messages on iPhone utilizing a little-known on-line tool. Let’s begin.

Send Mystery Messages on iPhone

1. To get started, open any web browser on your iPhone.

2. Open (opens in new tab).

3. You will see two textual content fields ⏤ Public message and Private message. Message written or typed within the Public message box will be visible to anyone, however, that written in the Exclusive message field will stay hidden or continue to be secret.

4. Next, tap the Steganographize button less than it.

5. The page will method your data and after reloading, you’ll see a brand new Steganographized Message. This message appears exactly like your Public Message, however, contains your previously written secret message in it.

6. Honestly Copy the text in Steganographized Message and send it for your associates utilizing any immediate messaging app like iMessage, email, WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, Facebook, etc. However, some apps like Slack didn’t paintings thoroughly in my testing, so make sure to examine once.

Once your friend gets your mystery message, at the surface, it’ll look like a regular chat message. Yet only the person with the right knowledge knows the way to show the secret message contained within.

Here’s a way to study the key message within.

7. To reveal the hidden textual content at the back of a acquired message, genuinely ask your buddy to copy the text you despatched them on messaging app after which open any browser on their device.

8. In the cyber web browser, open

9. Paste the copied textual content into the Public message box and hit the Desteganographize button.

10. And that’s it. The key message ought to be revealed.

Why I Like This Solution to Send Mystery Messages on iPhone

While there are a number of how you can send a secret textual content utilizing encryption and cryptography, I love this technique because it’s simple, does no longer appeal to attention, and restricts you to one app. You can send messages using this technique on the most popular platforms.

Also, for the reason that it’s a internet app, you could apply it to your iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows PC, or just about the other gadget that has a internet browser.

Do you recognize any bigger thanks to share a secret message in your iPhone? Allow us to know.