How To See Screen Time On Samsung And 5 Tips To Use It

Screen time has been touted as among the innovative features that may help in reducing the time spent on phones. While that’s debatable, it’s nonetheless fun to ascertain the screen time. For the unaware, the display time feature shows a close review of time spent on the telephone along with the stats for person apps. Let’s verify two the right way to assess display screen time on Samsung Galaxy phones and some guidelines to use this feature.

How to See How Much Time You Spend on Your Samsung Phone

There are two tips on how to view display screen time on your Samsung phone. You could do it from settings or by including a widget to the home screen.

Method 1: From Settings

This is likely one of the simplest ways to verify screen time.

1. Open Settings on your Samsung Galaxy phone. Simply, swipe down from the tip of the display and click on on the equipment icon.

2. Scroll down and tap on Digital health and parental controls.

3. You’ll be greeted by the display screen time for the current date such as the three most-used apps. Here you’ll additionally find other equipment to customise and use screen time on Samsung Galaxy phones. We’ve mentioned these in the Display screen time suggestions section below.

Method 2: Using Widgets

If you desire to maintain the track of display screen time throughout the day with out commencing the settings, you can add a screen time widget to the home screen.

1. Contact and carry at any place at the empty area at the domestic screen. Choose Widgets at the bottom.

2. Tap on Digital Wellbeing to extend and consider the accessible display screen time widgets.

3. Faucet the widget that you want to use and press the Add button. You may also drag the widget straight to the home screen.

Tip: Inspect the best clock widgets for Android devices.

4. The widget would be further to the house display screen from in which you may monitor the screen time regularly.

Pro Tip: Tap at the Display screen time widget to open the screen time dashboard.

Tips to Use Display screen Time on Samsung Galaxy Phones

1. View Daily Display screen Time Stats

To view exact display time records in keeping with day, cross to Settings > Digital health and parental controls. Tap at the time spent label. The Dashboard screen will appear, showing the screen time for the current date and the former 7 days in graphical form. That’s particularly useful for comparing statistics. To change among the dates, use the arrows subsequent to the date on the top.

Scroll down and you’ll see the most-used apps, followed by using the number of notifications received, and the variety of unlocks in step with day.

Tip: Check out the best parental manage apps for Android phones.

2. View App Stats

To view exact stats for an app, tap on its call under any component to display time. Those comprise the exact time the app become used, the variety of notifications received, and the variety of times the app changed into opened.

You can also tap on the Weekly tab on the proper to check the app’s weekly display time stats. Use the arrows to head among weeks.

3. View Weekly Stats

To view your weekly document of display time, open Settings > Electronic well being and parental controls. Faucet at the Graph icon on the top-right corner. You will see the display time consistent with day, regular display time for the week, and the most-used apps.

To view the screen time for a particular day, faucet on its corresponding bar in the graph.

4. Set Screen Time Goals

You can put obstacles on your display screen time by creating display time goals. For instance, to be able to use your telephone just for three hours, you may set a target of 3 hours. When you use your telephone for the desired time, your telephone will predicament an alert asking you to prevent using the phone.

To set a screen time goal, pass to Settings > Digital well being and parental controls. Press the Screen time option under Your goals.

Tap on Goal and set the desired time.

5. Set App Timers

In addition to display time goals, you could create app timers. As expected, this option enables you to set a preferred quantity of display time for the apps. After the set time is over, you will be notified that you have used the accessible screen time for the app. Furthermore, the app icon within the app drawer or on the domestic display screen will appear grayed out making it unusable until you modify the app timer settings.

To set an app timer for an app, faucet on App timers lower than the Your goals part on the Electronic well being screen. Tap on the hourglass icon next to the desired app and set the time for which you can use the app.

Pro Tip: You may also tap on an app call at any place at the Digital wellness display and hit the hourglass icon next to the App timer option.

More Power to Display Time

I wish you have been able to check and use display screen time using the above steps. How you can see screen time on other Android phones. In case the native display screen time feature doesn’t help you in curbing your cellphone addiction, look into third-party apps to maintain you off your phone. Also, inspect apps that stretch the function of electronic well being features.