How To Remove Silence From Mp3 Automatically

Whether you’re recording a podcast, a speech or perhaps a classroom lecture, you’ll find components of the recording in which there is not any or minimal audio. It’s simple to edit and get rid of most of these components manually but there are simpler and faster ways, so that you don’t waste it slow choosing every detail. While this isn’t a cheat sheet to take away silence in post-processing and always go away it to editing, I imply you ought to necessarily try to improve as much as you may earlier than recording.

So let’s see how we will eliminate silence from mp3 automatically.

How to Get rid of Silence From Audio File

1. Audacity

It’s already a largely used software. From editing podcasts to recording entire albums, it does everything. I take advantage of it for all my sound enhancing and common processing and it fits the bill perfectly. One function that I use majorly is the “Silence Elimination Tool”. It comes in handy in all situations, eliminates major chunks of silence and now not merely saves time yet cupboard space as well. Here’s how to do it on Windows with Audacity.

Silence parts are highlighted in the above image.

Download Audacity from the hyperlink below, set up and open. You can both list audio or simply drag and drop the audio pattern that you desire to process. You’ll see your audio in a waveform and if you detect closely, there would be components where there is not any audio (i.e. immediately line). But when you play the observe and in case you detect the monitor, you’ll notice it jumping up even if silence is played. So if you’ve recorded your self with a number of pauses, consider at ease, as we’ll remove silence in a single go.

To begin double click on on the observe or click Ctrl + A to choose all. Then click on on Effects, scroll down and uncover Truncate Silence. If you’re no longer sure, depart the settings as they are and click on ok. This will give you a trimmed edition of the audio file after removing each of the silence.

If you desire to tweak the putting yourself. Here’re the attributes you would like to know about in the Truncate Silence conversation box. Lower than observe silence, you’ve threshold and duration.

Detect Silence

Threshold – If the audio is below the desired level, it’ll be considered as silence. To remove more silence you can cut down this number, for example, from -36 dB to -20 dB. This would give the program extra audio to paintings on.

Duration – It specifies the minimal duration the silent components should be to be regarded for removal. The final quantity may be tweaked to 0.001 seconds.


Truncate Observe Silence – The track would be shortened to the parameters in the Detect Silence box. If the audio is below in the two the level and duration set within the Detect Silence box, it’ll think about the wide variety set in the Truncate to duration.

Compress to – It’s a extra progressed feature. If the audio is lower than the Detect Silence in the two threshold and length yet still longer in duration, it’ll be decreased to the percentage laid out in Compress to function.

Truncate Tracks Independently – If there are extra tracks and you follow this tool on all of them, it won’t remove any silence as it won’t detect it at the identical point. Therefore, selecting this feature will eliminate silence independently from all of the specific tracks.

You may also keep the preset in case you have a tendency to use an analogous settings extra often.

Get Audacity here.

2. AudioLab on Android

Another piece of app that is useful whilst vocal processing is the duty at hand. The app is feature-rich and you could do a lot besides straightforward editing. All of the recommendations like trim, merge, convert, split, etc, are given within the form of tiles, so you may choose a particular function to work with.

Scroll down and uncover Silence Remover then select it. You could either choose tracks from the all tracks record or select the file supervisor to choose it manually. There is likewise an choice to record audio. In addition to that, you could preview the audio and change the dossier name. There are silence eliminating presets you can choose from. You may remove all silence or just the start and end. Next, you’ve to select the decibel threshold lower than which mark, everything will be considered as silence. You may leave the detection mode as it is. There is also an alternative to use the output as default alarm, notification or even a ringtone yet let’s skip this for now. Then click on the tick preference which will eliminate the silence and create one more file. You could view the dossier within the AudioLab output area and likewise listen to the original file.

Get AudioLab for Android.

3. Ferrite Recording Studio

If you’re an iOS person looking for an effective way to remove silence from an audio file, that is the app you need.

To get all started download the app from the link less than after which open it. You can import audio by starting the menu from the top correct corner. If you want to list voice, surely press the mic button. Once you import or record audio, you’ll uncover the observe right below the recording section. Now coming to eliminating the silent parts.

Simply load the observe and click on on the observe to select it. Then toggle to see more strategies and select Strip Silence. There are techniques to tweak which parts you wish to remove. To do this choose the threshold, you can additionally fade silence and set the duration for minimal silence. One component you should keep in mind is that it’ll just eliminate silence. So in actual fact it leaves clean spaces, for this reason you’ll have to drag the clip to line them together. Easy right?

Get Ferrite Recording Studio on iOS.

Closing Remarks

While removing silence is often harassed with noise reduction by using many, I’ve just indexed ways you can eliminate silence. Audacity is by using far the simplest and most functional. It’s available on all major PC platforms adding Linux. In terms of Android which is also in which I record most of my audio, Audiolab now not in simple terms has silence remover but different significant capabilities like merge audio. voice changer, speech to textual content and a lot of more. For those of you using iOS, Ferrite Recording Studio is an outstanding option and the silence remover even works with the unfastened edition of the app. Desire you try out these out and don’t lose your time to silene, Well Luck!