How To Remove All Apps From Your Home Screen With Single Tap

By default, Android automatically add app’s shortcuts to the house display screen after they’re downloaded from the Google Play Store. When you could disable it under the Domestic Settings but so much of us are too lazy to do that. And before you recognize that, you’ve your Home display packed with app icons. What makes it even worse is that, after Android 7.0, there isn’t any option to clean the whole Domestic web page as well. So, both you manually eliminate each app icon or use the under approach to clean your Domestic display screen at once. Let’s see how it works.

How to Clear Your Domestic Display screen on Android

The simplest way out of this scenario is to put in a third-party launcher and set it as your default. The recent launcher will have a clear seem and zero Domestic display icons.  But, that requires installation another app and giving away your native launcher with all its customization. So, a good way to clear your native launcher, we would need to reset it. And the sole manner to do that is with the aid of clearing the app garage in the method settings.

Clearing the storage will reset all of your preferences, wallpaper, app icons, etc. The former settings would be lost.

In order to strength clear the storage, we would want the native launcher app name. In my case, I’m utilizing a Pixel 3 so the native launcher call is “Pixel Launcher”. If you’re uncertain about your phone’s launcher name, lengthy press at the Domestic display screen and cross to Home settings. In the Home Settings, you could get the app name and edition details within the About section.

Once you’ve the app name, move to Procedure settings. Navigate to the Apps & Notifications section. Below the App menu, seek for your launcher. In my case, I’ll seek for Pixel Launcher within the app list. Faucet on the launcher app when you discover it and subsequent tap on Storage. You’ll see a button named “Clear storage”. Faucet on it and it is going to not directly reset your telephone launcher.

Now, head back to the Domestic display and also you wouldn’t uncover any app icon there. Do observe that even your own preferences, custom folders, wallpaper, custom icon pack settings will be reset.

Closing Words

Due to the advent of custom launchers like EMUI, MIUI, and colorOS, Android removed the functionality to take away Domestic screens. The above-mentioned technique is another way to repair it.

To ensure this doesn’t happen again, you wish to disable ‘Add icons to Home screen’. To locate this option, tap and carry the black area on your Android’s homescreen. This will increase 3 options. Faucet on Domestic Settings. Turn off Add Icon to Home screen. As soon as done, you will not have icons immediately further to your house screens.