How To Prioritize Devices On Wi Fi Network

Every member of your household has at least one device that’s linked to the Wi-Fi community on your home. After which there are other sensible gadgets like TV, tablets, smartwatches, and whatnot. So, how do you prioritize gadgets at the Wi-Fi community in order that the ones that want extra information superhighway bandwidth are prioritized over gadgets that need less bandwidth or aren’t important enough? Examples could include your paintings laptop, smartphone, or printer. We do it using the router’s QoS feature.

Let’s begin.

1. Discover MAC Tackle of the Device

Knowing MAC address of the gadget you want to prioritize at the Wi-Fi network is a prerequisite. If you recognize what a MAC tackle is and the way to find it, then skip to the second one subheading. Observe that some routers display MAC tackle of the device related to the Wi-Fi network. In case your router does, again, skip to the subsequent part.

Media Entry Manage or MAC tackle is a unique number that identifies the device related to the network. Here’s a way to uncover it on specific working systems:

Windows 11

1. Click at the Wi-Fi icon within the Taskbar to open the Procedure Tray. Now right-click at the Wi-Fi button and choose Go to Settings option.

2. Now choose the Wi-Fi you are connected to. This may be the name of your network that you’ve got given it.

3. Scroll a bit to find the MAC or Bodily address of the Windows computer.

The steps are slightly special for previous versions of Windows.


Here is the way to discover MAC tackle on your Macbook before you may prioritize the gadget on the Wi-Fi network.

1. Click on at the Apple logo at the properly left nook of the display screen and select System Preferences.

2. Click on Network here.

3. Click on on Advanced at the backside correct corner.

4. In the pop-up that follows, you’ll find the MAC Tackle of your Macbook less than the Hardware tab.


Steps on Android smartphones can be a little distinctive based at the make and model of the device. I am going to be using Samsung Galaxy telephone for this example. You wish to visit Settings > Wi-Fi settings and select your Wi-Fi community name and then faucet on Advanced.


Here is a way to discover MAC tackle on iOS.

Open Settings > Wellknown > About. The Wi-Fi address is the MAC address.

Similarly, you could find MAC tackle for gaming consoles too. For such a lot consoles, it should be somewhere within Settings > About.

2. Prioritize Devices on Wi-Fi Network Using QoS

If you’re connected to the Wi-Fi network, either wirelessly or utilizing a LAN cable, it’s easy to check in for your router utilizing your fashionable browser.

You shall also uncover the IP tackle behind the router on a white sticker. If there’s a QR code, honestly experiment it to open the link in a browser directly. Otherwise, input the IP tackle manually. Some clients instantly input or into the browser. If you recognize what your router’s IP address is, input it directly. The default username and password both are set to admin except you or your operator transformed it.

Now specific routers have a bit special layouts. Basically, you’re searching for QoS or Good quality of Service. In the case of TP-Link, it was below Wireless > Stepped forward > QoS. It really is how it looks.

Depending on the make and model, you will see some progressed options. Under the Information tab, you will see a listing of gadgets currently related to the network including their MAC address. Less than Priority, you may quickly allow the toggle for the particular device to prioritize extra bandwidth to the gadget over others within the list. Finally, less than Timing, you may set a time limit until when the chosen gadget may have precedence over others in the Wi-Fi network. Set it to Necessarily on the way to prioritize the device on Wi-Fi network continuously until it’s disabled manually.

How to Select Device’s Priority Level on Wi-Fi Network

That would depend upon a few explanations like what sort of paintings you’re doing and the way important it is. Here are some instance scenarios to get you started when you are new:

  • Video calling apps like Zoom and Meet eat more bandwidth and might be prioritized if in use.
  • Business and work computer systems ought to have precedence when you are a professional. Certain apps need fixed refreshing to update information in real-time. Think stock or crypto markets.
  • Gaming gadgets should have priority if you are a gamer. They don’t want much bandwidth but require low latency to avoid lags.
  • Streaming apps like Netflix want extra bandwidth, particularly whilst looking video clips in HD or UHD.
  • Browsers and e mail apps don’t need higher bandwidth or low latency to operate and can be positioned final within the list.


1. What if my router doesn’t have QoS?

Unlikely, however, if that’s the case, you can use a LAN cable rather of connecting wirelessly to the Wi-Fi network. Devices related utilizing a LAN cable are instantly prioritized over those which are connected wirelessly. For the reason that professional players necessarily prefer a LAN cable, for example.

2. I am not domestic so how to entry router remotely?

There is a way you may access the router remotely if you’re traveling and don’t want to share login facts with anyone else.

Prioritize Gadgets on Wi-Fi or Prioritize Wi-Fi on Devices

We discussed how you may use QoS feature to prioritize devices connected to a Wi-Fi network. Now, what if there are distinctive Wi-Fi networks to choose from and you want your gadget to necessarily hook up with the only most effective one automatically? Well, we have covered that too. You may easily prioritize Wi-Fi networks on popular laptop and mobile OS.