How To Open Google Discover Articles On Chrome Or Any Browser

Google Discover (earlier known as Google Feed) allows you to stay up to date with the inside track in the topics you have an interest in. You could entry Google Find out via beginning the Google App on your smartphone. Yet once you open the articles in the feed from the Android home page, it opens the item as a separate app instead of commencing in Chrome. So you lose out features like establishing a brand new tab instantly to seek for whatever related to what you’re reading. Anyhow, you could change it to open in Chrome directly. Here’s how.

How to Open Google Discover Articles on Chrome

These articles open like a standalone app due to the Google app in your phone. To alter that open app drawer and open the Google app. Now select the Extra option within the bottom menu and then choose the “Settings” option.

In the Google app’s settings page, select “General” and switch off the option referred to as “Open information superhighway pages in the app”.

This will discontinue commencing articles in Google discover feed like standalone apps. Not just that, even the hyperlinks from any app will straight open within the browser instead of beginning like an app.

Most people desire Google Chrome as their default browser, however, if you don’t, you could change the default browser via commencing manner settings > Apps > three-dot menu > default apps and choose browser and choose the browser you desire to open by way of default.