How To Mute Calls From One Person On Iphone And Android

Do not disturb mode gives a good way to silence all or some calls on both Android and iPhone. However, it doesn’t allow you to mute individual contacts. One would give some thought to blockading the caller yet that could be a harsh step. Then, what’s the alternative? An easy way is to assign a silent ringtone to contacts to mute them. Because the name suggests, it is a ringtone that will now not play any sound. As a result, your cellphone will nonetheless ring yet you won’t listen the ringtone. Thus, calls from that particular contact would be silenced. Don’t fear for the person will not recognize that you have silenced their calls. Let’s assess how to take action on Android and iPhone.

How to Mute a Contact on Android

Android doesn’t provide a native way to mute calls from one person. However, you could effortlessly download a silent ringtone from the cyber web and assign the same to the contact that you want to mute.

1. Down load the silent ringtone for Android from or

2. Open the Contacts app and faucet at the touch that you want to mute.

Note: You will have to save the variety on your contacts with a view to mute them.

3. Tap at the three-dot icon and select Set ringtone.

4. Go to My sounds and press the Upload (+) button. The Dossier manager app will open. Pass to the Downloads folder and choose the Silent ringtone which you downloaded above. Press the Keep button.

Tip: You could quickly silence any incoming name by way of pressing the volume down or up button when your telephone is ringing.

Mute a Contact on Samsung

On Samsung Galaxy phones, open the touch and faucet on Edit (or Edit contact). Search for Ringtones below View more.

Pro Tip: Tap on Vibration to change the vibration sample of the contact.

Tap on the add (+) button to open explorer. Press the Folder selection and cross to the Downloads folder. Select the Silent ringtone.

Now, whenever this individual calls you, your phone will play the silent ringtone rather of the default tone. As a result, you won’t be disturbed by the caller. This technique doesn’t block calls or send them instantly to voicemail.

Tip: Check out the best ringtone maker apps for Android.

How to Silence a Touch on iPhone

iPhone also doesn’t provide a local silent ringtone or the ability to use no ringtone for a contact. You can download a paid silent ringtone from App Store (costs under a dollar) and assign it to the contact as shown in the “Assign silent ringtone to contact” section below. But, if you don’t want to shell out money, you could create your personal silent ringtone on your iPhone utilizing the loose GarageBand app.

Tip: Check out the finest GarageBand alternatives for Android users.

Let’s assess the steps to create a silent ringtone on iPhone and use it to mute calls from someone.

Step 1: Down load GarageBand App

Install the GarageBand app on your iPhone from App Store. Before you freak out by seeing its size, permit me warn you that it’s 1.5GB approximately. Ensure you have sufficient storage on your phone.

Step 2: Create a Silent Ringtone on iPhone

Now, there are two how you can create a silent ringtone in GarageBand.

  1. Record silent ringtone
  2. Download silent ringtone

In the first method, you wish to instantly list blank audio in the GarageBand app. This system usually provides a background noise and the ringtone isn’t in simple terms silent. If that’s what’s going on with you as well, you may down load a silent ringtone in your iPhone. On account that iPhone doesn’t allow clients use a custom ringtone directly, you have to upload it to the list of tunes utilizing GarageBand.

Method 1: A way to List a Silent Ringtone on iPhone

1. Open the GarageBand app and faucet on the add (+) icon on the top.

2. Scroll during the devices like Strings, Guitar, Drums, etc., till you attain the Audio recorder. Tap on the Voice button.

3. You will attain the recording screen. Tap at the pink circle to start recording. Make sure there is no noise in your surrounding. Don’t say anything while recording. Record a minimum of 30 seconds.

4. Press the Stop button to forestall the recording. Faucet at the Play button as a way to preview the recording.

5. If you are proud of the result, faucet at the small down arrow on the top-left nook and select My songs from the menu. Your silent ringtone would be saved automatically.

6. Contact and carry the newly created silent ringtone (the recent one).

7. Select Share from the menu.

8. Select Ringtone on the screen wherein you need to choose the tune format.

9. Provide a reputation to the ringtone i.e., silent or you can name it anything else as well. Press the Export button.

10. Within the Ringtone Export positive pop-up window, tap on Ok.

To set this ringtone for a contact, jump to Step three below.

Method 2: The way to Use a Silent Ringtone on iPhone

1. Download the silent ringtone in your iPhone from or

2. Open the GarageBand app and tap on the Add (+) icon.

3. Select the Keyboard instrument from the record by honestly tapping on it.

4. On the Keyboard screen, tap the pink circle to begin recording.

5. Tap the square button to forestall recording.

6. Press the Edit icon at the top.

7. At the editing screen, hit the Loop icon at the top-right corner.

8. Go to the Files tab and choose Browse goods from the Documents app. Choose the silent ringtone which you downloaded in step 1.

9. It will show up within the Documents section. Contact and carry it and drag it upwards to open the modifying screen.

10. Leave it at the start of the clip. Contact and carry the clip above the silent ringtone and choose Delete from the menu. Which will depart basically the downloaded Silent clip at the panel.

11. Now, press the small down arrow and select My songs from the menu. Then, follow the steps 6-10 mentioned in the “how to list a silent ringtone” area to export the silent ringtone.

Step 3: Assign Silent Ringtone to Contact

After you comply with both of both methods described above, the silent ringtone would exhibit up within the record of ringtones in your iPhone. Use right here steps to set it for person contacts.

1. Launch the Contacts app and open the specified contact.

2. Faucet on Edit and press Default next to Ringtone.

3. Scroll down and you will see the silent ringtone which you created in GarageBand. Tap on it to apply it. Faucet on Vibration and select None at the bottom as a way to turn off vibration for the touch or create your own custom vibration. Press the Done button.

Tip: If you desire to purchase a silent ringtone, faucet on Tone store and seek for “Silent ringtone”. Set it because the default tone for the contact.

Silence Messages

I desire you have been capable to mute calls from one individual on Android and iPhone without blocking. Please be aware that the above techniques will silence in basic terms the calls. They’ll have no impact on messages. You could silence messages for touch by way of muting them in the Messages app. Easy methods to change message tone on Samsung Galaxy phones.