How To Know What Fitbit Model Do I Have

Knowing which Fitbit mannequin you have is a prerequisite from the preliminary setup means of the device to promoting your historic Fitbit. It’s useful to grasp the features your gadget has and enables troubleshoot mistakes you will face. Most importantly, some are simply fitness trackers whilst other Fitbit devices have some smartwatch functionality. So here’s the way to understand what Fitbit mannequin you have.

Before Getting Started

There are some fairly easy tips on how to find your device mannequin number devoid of getting technical.

  • First, check for the package or the box of your Fitbit. You should be able to discover the model name correct on the field itself for almost all the Fitbit devices.
  • Also, check the shopping historical past on the eCommerce website you’ve bought your Fitbit. You should find the call of your Fitbit model in the identify itself.

If those strategies failed to unravel the problem, listed below are more ways to uncover the Fitbit model.

How to Understand What Fitbit Mannequin Do I Have

Let’s begin with the best method:

1. Utilizing Fitbit App

If your device is already connected in your phone, then appear further. You could effortlessly find the mannequin call straight on the app itself.

1. Open the Fitbit app (Android/iOS) and faucet at the profile icon at the true left corner.

2. Here, you should uncover the gadget related to your account with its mannequin name.

3. Instead of the model name, so that you can understand the model number of the device, you could easily search google Fitbit Device Call + Mannequin Number. This ought to give you the model range if you need it.

2. Utilizing Fitbit Device

The earlier technique basically works when your Fitbit is attached to the phone. In case your device isn’t connected, then you may examine directly on the device itself.

1. Open your Fitbit device and swipe left to find the apps.

2. Right here choose the Settings app on your Fitbit.

3. In Settings, scroll down and select the About option.

4. On the subsequent page, choose the Regulatory info.

5. You ought to find the model range correct at the top. Not like on the phone, you will get a model number rather of the mannequin name. The model range is a 5-digit code that begins with FB and has three random numbers later. For example, the model number of Fitbit Feel is FB512.

6. Anyway, you could seek the model range online to get the model call instantly.

3. Use Android Rapid pair

You cannot use your Fitbit whilst booting it for the first time or once you reset it. You should connect the device on your phone, so it can down load the essential software. In one of these situation, you may now not know or even discover the model wide variety from the Fitbit app or the gadget itself. The worst side is that the Fitbit model number is needed during the setup strategy to connect to the phone. Until you recognize the mannequin number, you can’t attach from the Fitbit app.

But you are not out of luck. Ever because Google obtained Fitbit, the gadget works with the Android Fast pair. So turn on your Fitbit device. It should exhibit a down load icon. Now get the device near any Android cellphone going for walks Android eight or above.

The cellphone should prompt you to start the setup strategy together with the model name covered in the prompt. Tapping on it’s going to download the Fitbit app and start the setup procedure directly.

4. Examine the Fitbit Products Page

In whatsoever state your Fitbit is in, both of the above techniques ought to work to locate the Fitbit model name. Yet if you’re facing some issues with the above processes, the only way left is to open the Fitbit items page and compare your device with the goods displayed.

Some types might appear akin to others, yet you can get a elementary proposal of the model. Other than that, just experiment your Fitbit with Google Lens, it additionally should provide your mannequin name of the device.

Either way, the two techniques are somewhat unreliable, yet at least those are your last techniques if any of the above suggestions aren’t working for you.

So, What Fitbit Model Do You Have

With the above-mentioned methods, you may uncover your Fitbit mannequin call and number no matter if your Fitbit is linked to an account or not. Even if your Fitbit does no longer turn on, you may open the Fitbit product page and determine the mannequin manually. Or you can use Google Lens to find the model for you. Regardless of the case, you may effortlessly discover your Fitbit no matter if it’s a smartwatch or a fitness tracker.

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