How To Fix System Ui Has Stopped Working On Android

One of the most common errors on Android is the “System UI Has Stopped Working” warning. It crashes the app you’re utilizing and makes your telephone unusable for some minutes. When you’ve got confronted the mistake only 1 time or about a times, you can depart it. Having such minor blunders oftentimes is traditional and also you won’t need to do anything about it. Yet when you are facing concerns with Android’s technique UI resulting within the cellphone crashing, here’s every thing you can do to repair Procedure UI that has stopped working on Android.

Fix Process UI Stopped Working

First, restart your Android device. This should remedy the difficulty many of the time, if not, retain the steps below.

1. Clean Cache

System UI is a procedure app on Android and first thing to do when you have issues with it’s to clear the technique UI’s cache.

1. Open the Settings app in your Android cellphone and select Apps or Apps and notifications option

2. You should uncover the list of apps installed here. Faucet at the three-dot menu at the end correct and choose Show system or Show process apps.

3. Now the record also involves the procedure apps within the list. Tap on the search choice and look for the System UI app.

4. Open System UI and select the Storage and Cache option.

5. Here faucet on the Clear cache choice to clear the cache of the Technique UI app.

There is not any choice to clean the information for this app as it is going to get rid of all of your home display apps and widgets. if the issue still persists, you may additionally try out clearing the cache for Google Play Features and the Google app in a similar process. These apps even have their fair proportion of possibilities to trigger the process UI to not work on Android.

2. Replace Apps

Using apps that aren’t updated to the most up-to-date version usually motives problems. So make sure that all your apps are going for walks the most up-to-date version. So much importantly, replace Google, Google Play Services, and the Play Shop apps to their most up-to-date versions. Here’s how.

1. Open Play Store and faucet on the profile icon at the exact correct corner.

2. Then choose the option Manage apps and devices.

3. Right here you should discover if there are any updates available in your apps. Faucet at the Update all option to replace all the apps immediately.

4. You can also seek for the Google app and ensure it’s at the most recent version.

Unfortunately, Google Play Capabilities isn’t available at the Play Store.

1. To replace Google Play Services, open the Settings app in your Android phone.

2. Here choose the Apps choice or Apps and notification option.

3. On the apps list, search for the Google Play services app and open it.

4. Now tap on the Advanced preference after which select App details.

5. This should open the Play Capabilities page on Play Store. You could Update the app if there are any updates available.

Updating the Play Shop has somewhat unique process,

1. To update Play Store, open Play Shop and tap on the profile icon at the end right corner.

2. Choose the Settings preference from the menu.

3. Within the Play Shop Settings, open About and tap at the Update Play Store choice below the Play Shop version.

4. If there are any up to date pending, this would force the Play Shop to update.

3. Uninstall Updates

If the apps are already as much as date, the problem may be with the most recent edition which has added bugs with it. To fix, try uninstalling the updates for Google Play Services and the Google app.

1. To move returned to the previous versions, open Settings > Apps or Apps and notifications.

2. Now seek for Google Play Features and open it.

3. Here faucet on the three-dot menu on the suitable correct corner and select the Uninstall updates option to uninstall the updates and still maintain the app mounted on your device.

Follow an identical steps to uninstall Google app updates.

4. Eliminate Widgets

One of the common reasons for dealing with a process UI error on Android is widgets positioned on the home screen. If any of the apps in the back of these widgets has any issues, it may crash the whole domestic display screen and consequently the UI. Try out eliminating the widgets at the domestic screen one by using one. If a widget is inflicting the technique UI no longer working predicament then the error message should discontinue automatically.

To remove a widget, simply long-press on the widget and drag it to the Remove or Dustbin choice on the top/bottom of the screen. Steps could fluctuate somewhat with the make and model of your phone.

5. Loose Up Some Garage Space

Another traditional motive for app crashes and mistakes is the loss of space for storing left on your device. Try out deleting some files. The best way to do it’s by using the Files by using Google app. The app will group all huge files, screenshots, blurred photos, etc. helping to locate and delete them easily.

6. Reboot to Secure Mode

Safe mode switches off all third-party apps and drivers going for walks within the background. So in case your predicament is resulting from any third-party app in general, you’ll discover it with the help of Safe Mode. Yet keep in mind that booting into safe mode can eliminate some widgets on your home screen. You will need to re-add them once you boot into usual mode again.

That being said, steps to reboot into secure mode can fluctuate in keeping with OEMs. Yet the simplest and in general used way is:

1. Press and carry the power button until you spot the Power menu.

2. Now long-press at the Restart or the Power-off options.

3. This ought to give you a immediate to Reboot to safe mode. Faucet on OK to reboot the gadget into secure mode.

Just reboot the device again traditionally to give up the secure mode.

If every little thing is operating quality in the Safe mode, it’s clean that third-party apps are the culprits here. Determine and uninstall third-party apps which are inflicting the issue as shown in point 7 below.

But if you’re facing the issue in safe mode too, then it is an working technique issue. Replace the OS if accessible as proven in factor 8 below.

7. Uninstall Third-Party Apps

If the problem is solved on the safe mode, it’s almost always third-party apps inflicting the process UI to not work. Test uninstalling recently mounted apps or updated apps. Wait to check if the issue is solved and if not, you should determine for other apps that could be at the back of procedure UI failure. This can be a lengthy method and you can also lose some data so proceed with caution.

Once you uninstall the app, you could install the former edition if mandatory or a similar edition and check if the issue persists. Sometimes, reinstalling could also help.

8. Update Android Edition If Available

If you’re dealing with the issue even within the secure mode, then the issue is at the OS level. Well, once an easy way to manage is via updating to the least version if available.

1. Open the Settings app on your Android phone.

2. Look for System Updates and open it.

3. Download and install if there are any Android updates.

9. Reset the Device

If not one of the above options are operating then you haven’t any different recommendations left. Resetting the whole OS isn’t worth it as you will lose all established apps and saved data. Having reported that, if the telephone is crashing repeatedly, what else might be done?

1. Open the Settings app and seek for Factory reset.

2. Open it and faucet on Erase all data to do a manufacturing unit reset of your device.

System UI Reboots

If a simple restart isn’t assisting Technique UI to run smoothly, clearing Technique UI would help. If not, you could also test different methods. If none of the techniques works, maybe an app or OS replace might iron out the issue yet you will have to look ahead to the subsequent one to arrive. You additionally be able to reset the whole device, so the problem gets solved no matter what yet at a price.

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