How To Find Lost Samsung Galaxy Buds

When it comes to TWS headsets, it’s usually simple to misplace them. Flipping over every thing in your house or retracing your steps to find your lost Galaxy Buds would seem like a demanding task. Thankfully, there are quite a few methods you can retrieve your misplaced Samsung Galaxy buds. In this post, we’ll discuss all of them and more. So, let’s begin.

How to Uncover Lost Samsung Galaxy Buds While Connected

If you’ve misplaced your Galaxy Buds someplace in your house or office and if you may attach with your Galaxy buds by means of Bluetooth, then discovering your earbuds shouldn’t be that hard with the Galaxy Wearable app. Here’s the way you do it.

1. Release the Galaxy Wearable app in your phone and scroll down to tap on Find My Earbuds. This would open the SmartThings Discover app in your phone.

2. Here, you’ll get two recommendations ⏤ Navigate and Ring. Due to the fact that your Galaxy buds are already in range, navigating will help little. So faucet on the Ring option.

3. Next, faucet on Start to make your buds beep. The two the earbuds ought to begin making noise now. If you’re in basic terms lacking among the earbuds, you may mute the other one by tapping on the speaker icon underneath that earbud.

4. Lastly, once you find your earbud, tap on Stop.

Sounds simple, right? Well, not really. There may well be instances while this method might not paintings as expected. In case your Galaxy buds are out of Bluetooth range (32 feet) or if the battery is dead, then they won’t play any sound. And while you could locate your lacking Galaxy Buds with the Galaxy Wearable app, there’s no way to hit upon the lacking charging case.

How to Find Lost Samsung Galaxy Buds Whilst No longer Related

If you’ve discovered your self in a unusual situation where you can’t seem to connect to your Galaxy buds or don’t remember wherein you have forgotten them, discovering your earphone won’t be easy. Although, it’s nonetheless attainable to do so. Read on to profit how.

1. Launch the Galaxy Wearable app in your cellphone and scroll right down to tap on Find My Earphones. This would open the SmartThings Discover app in your phone.

2. The app will exhibit you the final primary area of both earbuds. You’ll additionally get to work out whilst turned into the final time that area become updated.

If you don’t be aware of the address, you may faucet the Navigate choice to locate the earbuds on Google Maps. Now, this may not be as precise as anything like discovering your lost AirTags, yet a minimum of you’ll comprehend even if you forgot your Galaxy buds. For example, at the office or a friend’s house.

3. Use the Google Maps app to get near the last common area of the Galaxy Buds, then tap on the Search nearby selection in the SmartThings Uncover app. The app will experiment for the two earbuds and notify you once it reveals them. You may try moving across the location to determine if it helps.

With any luck, the app should find your lost Galaxy Buds and notify you.

How to Set Up Notify Whilst Left In the back of for Samsung Galaxy Buds

If you’re lucky and if you’ve discovered your Galaxy buds, then you definitely ought to consider establishing Notify while left behind function within the SmartThings Uncover app. When enabled, the app will send you a notification every time you allow your Galaxy Buds in an unknown location. This way, you can restrict wasting your Galaxy Buds in the first place.

1. Release the SmartThings Find app in your phone and navigate to the Devices tab.

2. Tap in your Galaxy Buds then faucet on the Find device option.

3. Lastly, toggle on the switch next to Notify when left behind option.

Additionally, you can also installed safe locations in which the app will restrict sending notifications. Here’s how.

1. Within the SmartThings Find app on your cellphone and navigate to the Devices > Galaxy Buds > Find device.

2. Tap on Notify whilst left behind option.

3. Faucet on Add Safe place button. Now enter a reputation for the placement and use the pin at the map to locate the safe place. Optionally, you can use the slider on the bottom to increase or decrease the radius of Safe Place.

And that’s approximately it. Now any time you overlook your earbuds, the app will notify you directly away.


1. Is there a way to hit upon the lost Galaxy Buds charging case?

No. While you could locate your misplaced Galaxy buds with the SmartThings Discover app, there’s no way to locate the misplaced charging case.

2. Is it possible to trace down Galaxy Buds that have run out of battery?

Yes and no. Youngsters you may track down the final primary location of your Galaxy Buds with the SmartThings app, you won’t be capable of make your Galaxy buds beep if they’re dead.

Find What’s Lost

Losing your Galaxy Buds is something that could happen to anyone. But if you’re lucky, you ought to be capable of uncover your lost Galaxy Buds with among the methods above.