How To Download Directly To Google Drive On Chromebook

Chromebooks are wonderful yet them all have one large trouble – restricted storage. One way to repair this hassle is by way of inserting an external SD card. However, if you’re like me, who does not favor to use an SD card (as it stands out of the slot), you may also set the default download listing to Google Force and also make it available for offline use. Here’s how.

Download Instantly to Google Drive on Chromebook.

To down load immediately to Google Drive, open your Chrome Browser and click at the three-dot menu within the top right corner. And then click at the “Settings” from the concepts appeared.

Now press at the “Advanced” selection in the left sidebar and from the dropdown, click on the “Download” option. Alternatively, you could just open this hyperlink to open download innovations straight on Chrome.

In the downloads section, you could both change the default location for Downloads to a specific folder or you may have Chrome ask you where to save lots of each dossier before downloading.

In our case, we desire to change the download listing to Google Force on Chromebook, click at the “Change” button, next to the Vicinity option.

You can see Chrome OS’s Dossier Manager window pops up. Simply click on “Google Drive” in the left sidebar of the dossier manager and navigate to the precise vicinity in which you desire to down load and click on “Open” at the backside correct of the window.  And that’s it you’ve efficaciously transformed the down load region to Google Drive.

On the flip side, you could actually entry a few files stored in Force even when you are offline. But they are not permanent and can be misplaced anytime. To cause them to permanently available offline, just open the Files app > Google force and right-click at the dossier you want to make it offline and select the “Available Offline” option. If the file is available offline, you may see a tick mark beside it announcing it’s already available offline.

Once the dossier is accessible offline, you may examine it within the offline section of Google Drive.

Wrapping up

Changing down load region also adjustments the default region of the complete Chromebook. So even screenshots would be saved to Google Drive. This makes utilizing distinct instruments a lot simple as you’ve single garage for all of your devices. Anyhow, although Chromebooks assist capabilities like Dropbox, you cannot set them as default options.