How To Disable Annoying Quotheadphone Jack Plugged Inquot Popup On Any Asus Laptop

I recently began utilizing the price range gaming desktop via Asus, TUF Gaming FX505DY. When it has its share of pros and cons yet there is one thing that’s traditional between many home windows computers. That disturbing popup that looks each time you plug in your headphones to the 3.5mm jack. Asus isn’t any exception and in this article, we’ll disable the “headphone jack plugged in” popup. Let’s begin.

Most Windows computers have an audio application that manages the sound, devices, and playback. Despite the fact that Home windows can natively do that but OEMs add this bloat as a personalized touch in the name of quality. Asus has a Realtek Audio Console that does this, it routes the audio to headphones when you plug in headphones.

Disable “Headphone Jack Inserted” Popup

Press the Begin button and seek for Realtek Audio Console within the Start Menu and select Device Improved Settings from the lowest left of the newly opened window.

Toggle the switch off subsequent to “ Enable Jack Detection whilst a tool is plugged in”. Next, click on the radio button next to “ mute the interior output device, when an external gadget is plugged in”.

This would make sure that the console doesn’t immediately popup but the audio remains routed to the headphones. However, you’d still get steady notifications that you’ve plugged in your headphones. If you want a completely distraction-free event with out notifications, just disable the notifications permission for the Realtek Console.

To disable the notifications, go to the Start menu and click Settings to open the Settings page. Click ‘System’.

Under Procedure Settings, find Notifications & activities click to reveal its options. Scroll the apps’ record at the correct pane and disable the toggle change next to Realtek Audio Console.

Now, you won’t get to any extent further notifications or popups once you plug in your headphones subsequent time.

Final Words

This changed into a brief thanks to disable the irritating popups and notifications that appear each time you plug in a couple of headphones. I don’t mind getting a notification but these OEMs should have the opportunity to notice if I’m plugging in a brand new pair of headphones each time or not and merely exhibit a notification whilst the pc doesn’t recognize the headphones. Some Dell laptops can already do this so I know that it’s no longer impossible. What demanding popups do you get on Windows, let me comprehend within the comments below?