How To Automatically Delete Your Retweets

Changed your mind? Want to delete each of the muddle you’ve created on your Twitter account over the years, you could delete all your tweets straight away easily. But when your tweets are precious to you and also you simply want to delete the retweets, you could additionally do that with the aid of third-party apps like circle boom and tweet deleter.

Deleting Retweets with TweetDeleter

To delete old retweets, open TweetDeleter and click on the “Sign in with Twitter” button

  1. In the pop-up window, sign-in with the Twitter account in which you desire to delete your historic retweets. At the subsequent page, click at the “Authorize app” button. With that, TweetDeleter can access information out of your Twitter account. You can investigate all of the data TweetDeleter can acquire from Twitter earlier than authorizing it. Anyhow, this knowledge is used to provide equipment that can be beneficial to you and TweetDeleter doesn’t entry any of your direct messages.
  2. Once authorized, you’ll be redirected to the home web page of TweetDeleter. This device is characteristically used to delete all tweets. Yet your delete in simple terms retweets with the aid of filtering them. To filter in simple terms retweets, click on on the “Type” alternative in the left aspect menu and permit the checkmark beside Retweets. This would refresh the feed and only indicates you retweets.
  3. You can click on on the “select all tweets” checkmark on the precise and click on the “Delete Tweets” button at the true right corner to delete each of the retweets.

You can filter additionally changes just like the date to delete tweets purely in that point period, media to delete retweets in simple terms which has photos, videos, links, etc.

With that, you can delete all retweets, delete purely retweets that have exclusive media or delete purely retweets in a particular time period. Anyhow due to Twitter limitation, Tweet Deleter can only access your last 3,200 tweets. With a view to delete even older retweets, you could do that by means of uploading the archive to TweetDeleter.

Deleting Retweets by means of Uploading Archive

As said, TweetDeleter can only entry your newest 3,200 tweets. So it can’t delete your historical retweets past that. Anyhow, you can down load the tweets information from twitter and add them to TweetDeleter to entry even your historic Tweets.

  1. To download the Twitter archive of your account, Open Twitter > Click More > Settings and privacy > Account> Your Twitter data> variety the password and click Confirm. Now, click on the Request archive button beside Twitter. It takes a few mins to hours of time depending on the number of tweets and media you have within the data.
  2. Once the archive download is ready, Twitter will ship you a notification and link on your mail for you to down load your data.
  3. Once downloaded, you need to add the information to TweetDeleter. To upload, open TweetDeleter and click on “Upload Archive” in the left sidebar.
  4. Now click at the eco-friendly “Upload” button on the precise right corner. This will open the dossier manager, choose the file you have downloaded and click on on the “Open” button.

This will upload all of your tweets data and you could clear out the retweets and delete a twin of before. This method is gradual and would take even days to delete all your tweets. I also propose the top rate edition of the app for the quick deleting of historic retweets.

Delete Future Retweets

With the aid of TweetDeleter, we are able to delete our historical retweets. Yet you could also delete your destiny retweets by settings a duration. For example, you may set the duration of 60 mins and your retweets would be instantly deleted after 60 minutes of retweeting.

To delete your destiny retweets, open Twtools and click the RT cleaner choice and click on “OK” in the pop notification.

Now set the length of the Retweet. You can set the period for no less than 60 mins to a greatest of168 hours. Also, determine the checkmark beside Delete Retweets from my tweets and click on on the “To allow” button.

Here you would like to authorize the app to your Twitter account. Look into each of the data Twtools can access out of your Twitter account earlier than authorizing.

Once authorized, Twtools will scan for retweets every 5 mins. If it reveals any retweets beyond your set time, your retweets would be instantly deleted. You may additionally open the Twtools lower back to pause the provider each time in the future or totally disable the carrier again.

Wrapping Up

If you want to simply eliminate retweets from the past, TweetDeleter gets the work accomplished perfectly. You can also use one of the famous Twitter equipment Circleboom to delete your retweets. But when you are seeking to keep your account clutter-free from your retweets always, you could checkout Twtools that deletes your tweets after that specific time.

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