How To Allow Users To Self Assign Their Roles On Discord Server

By default, in basic terms admins can set person roles on Discord servers. However, it’d be a good idea to permit clients select their very own roles as it’d shed off some tasks from the admins. While there isn’t any native selection to do so in the Settings, you could permit users to self-assign roles on Discord servers effortlessly with the aid of bots. Let’s see how.

Allow Users to Self-Assign Their Roles on Discord Servers

I’ll walk you through the whole process with an example. Here, I have a server known as Rubic’s Cubers in which persons can discuss Rubik’s cube algorithms. Yet there are extraordinary techniques like CFOP, Roux, and ZZ. As every consumer may select an extra technique to resolve the cube, I need clients to choose a method themselves. So those who have chosen the CFOP position can access all the channels which discuss CFOP and so on. This is how I have completed that.

1. To allow users to assign roles on Discord themselves, we ought to create these roles first. To do that, you would like to open Discord, choose the server and click on the server call in the top right corner. Then within the drop-down menu, click on on the Server Settings option.

2. Within the server settings, select Roles within the sidebar and click on on the + button to add a brand new role.

3. Here you may deliver a name for your position and likewise set the permissions they have on your server. As soon as done, click on on Shop Changes.

4. Now you have roles and the permissions for what users in these roles can access. All we need to do now’s enable people to assign those roles to themselves. To do that, open the MEE6 Discord bot website and click on Add to Discord. In the pop-up that opens, log in along with your Discord account.

5. Then Authorize MEE6 to entry your account.

6. Now select the server on which you want to enable self-assigning roles by using clicking on the Setup button. That will install the MEE6 bot and that server. As soon as done, click on the Go button to open the MEE6 Dashboard.

7. After logging in, choose Reaction Roles plugin in the Plugins section lower than Server Management.

8. Now click on the New reaction role button to start creating a reaction role.

9. Now select the channel in which users can assign roles. Normally, #Welcome, #Select_role, and #Get_Started are a few examples of the channels.

10. Then give a name for your reaction role.

11. Now within the reactions and roles section, click on at the Add reaction button and choose an emoji as a illustration for that reaction.

12. After you have further the emoji, click at the Plus + icon beside it and choose the role. You may select dissimilar roles or a unmarried position in that reaction. Clients who select that emoji will be assigned to each of the roles in that reaction.

13. Similarly, you could upload diverse reactions. By way of default, you could upload 2 reactions in the free plan. In order to add more, you need to upgrade to a MEE6 Top class plan.

14. Now in the Messages section, explain to persons that they have got to select any role. And also explain which emoji potential which reaction. So that users can select an emoji and get assigned to the jobs associated with that reaction.

15. In the Response Mode section, choose Default. If the consumer selects a reaction, they’ll get assigned the roles associated with that reaction within the default mode. While in the Reverse mode, the function will be removed when clients click on on a reaction.

16. Finally, click on Save changes.

That’s it, you’ve efficaciously created a manner for clients to assign roles to themselves on the Discord server. You can open the server and pass to the channel and verify for yourself.

17. But, there’s one final step to ensure that all people can see that message. Open Server Settings > Roles and make sure Read Text Channels and Voice Channels are grew to become on. And also be sure to enable Add Reactions within the all people roles settings.

Alternatively, You Can Also Use ProBot

ProBot is another Discord bot like MEE6 bot which will allow you to permit your server contributors to self-assign their roles on your server.

1. To installed ProBot in your Discord server, open the ProBot website and tap on the Add To Discord option.

2. It will open a pop-up window. Absolutely log in to the service along with your Discord account.

3. As soon as done, choose the server that you desire to add ProBot to and click on Continue.

4. Then click on on Authorize which should close the pop-up window.

5. Now, you’ll be redirected to the ProBot dashboard, Right here click on at the Embed Messages alternative within the sidebar.

6. Now click on at the Create alternative at the top to create a brand new embedded message.

7. Give your embedded message a reputation and then click on the +Add Field option to add title, content, image, etc.

8. Upload the mandatory fields explaining the jobs in your server to the new users.

9. Then click at the Send New Message button on the bottom.

10. Within the pop-up, choose the channel and then click Send New Message. This message would be despatched as an Embedded message in the chosen channel.

11. As soon as done, click on on the Save Changes button.

12. Now click on on the Reaction Roles alternative within the left sidebar and then click on Add Message.

13. Now less than the Embeds section, choose the embed that you simply created in the step above.

14. Then lower than Choose a message, select the message that you simply sent.

15. Then lower than Emoji reaction, click on Add Reaction button.

16. Choose the emojis that symbolize the jobs on your server. One emoji for every role.

17. Once selected, you ought to see emojis under with a plus icon beside them.

18. Click on at the plus icon and select the role, if the consumer chooses that emoji, they are going to be assigned that position immediately on the Discord server.

19. As soon as done, click on Save Changes.

Now clients can hop directly to that channel or you could set it as a welcome channel. Clients will then have to just click on the emoji reactions for that message to affix the respective server.

Giving Users Choice to Self-Assign Their Roles on Discord

Both MEE6 and ProBot can get the paintings done. The two are multi-purpose Discord bots, both have many comparable features to compete with, and both are user-friendly. Another option is Carl Bot which additionally capabilities the response roles function. So if you’re using any of those 3 bots, you may keep using that rather of putting in a new bot just for response roles as all 3 offer a comparable experience.