How To Add Dropbox In Chromebook File Manager

By default, you could basically entry Google Force within the dossier manager of Chrome OS. But if you prefer Dropbox over Google Drive, one alternative is to apply the standalone Dropbox app in your Chromebook. Youngsters it works rather well, it lacks the drag and drops help which makes it rough to transfer files returned and forth. A better alternative is to use a third-party extension referred to as “File Manner for Dropbox” which provides Dropbox folder correct into Chrome OS’s file manager.  Here’s how.

Add Dropbox in Chromebook Dossier Manager

  1. Open the dossier supervisor on your Chromebook and click on on the three-dot menu on the precise correct corner.
  2. Now select the option referred to as “Add new service”
  3. click on “Install new service” from the recommendations that appeared.
  4. You can see a pop-up with all the available services that work with Chrome OS File Manager. Scroll down until you see the choice known as “File Manner for Dropbox“.
  5. click at the blue “Install” button beside it.
  6. Pop-up fades out indicating that it is installation the service. The installation would take from two to 5 mins to install.  Because the set up technique is a bit buggy, you need to manually close the pop-up after 5 minutes. There will no indication in regards to the setting up of dropbox. In case you have waited for five minutes, it’s going to be installed without any problem.
  7. Now returned click on on the three-dot menu > Add new services, now you can see a brand new option called “File Method for Dropbox“. Click on it.
  8. On the Window appeared, click on the “Mount your Dropbox” button to begin the setup.
  9. It will open the Dropbox login web page where you can log-in for your Dropbox account or you can create a brand new account if you desire from here.
  10. Once logged in, click at the “Allow” button to provide permission to the Dropbox to entry your method files and folders.

And that’s it, you have successfully set up Dropbox in your Chrome OS file manager and you could additionally move files among them simply by dragging and dropping.

Wrapping up

Chrome OS File Manager also supports OneDrive, however it doesn’t paintings nor even open for a lot of people, when you are into it, you could also test it out with the same method. Anyhow, Dropbox works totally satisfactory will the all functions you need, however it doesn’t have an automatic backup feature, for that you wish to install the Android app. When you are having any problems installing dropbox, let us know in the reviews below.