3 Best Ways To Convert Multiple Images Into One Pdf File On Android

Many times, we must publish documents, university projects, or even Govt. IDs online. Clicking a picture is a great way to ship the file and so much of us use the native digicam app for it. However, so much web content purely enable one PDF file to be uploaded. So, how do you integrate assorted pictures into one PDF file on Android? There are 3 how to turn assorted pictures right into a single PDF on Android. Let’s assess the methods.

1. Using Google Drive

Google Force is the most secure choice to convert assorted images into a unmarried PDF dossier on Android as it comes pre-installed on nearly all Android phones. The disadvantage of this technique is which you have to trap new photos and convert those into PDF documents. You cannot use current images and convert them into PDFs.

1. Open the Google Force app in your phone.

2. Faucet at the floating (+) add icon and select Scan from the menu.

3. The Digicam interface will open. Factor the Camera towards the picture and hit the Capture button.

4. If you’re pleased with the photo, faucet on the Checkmark icon.

5. You will get many editing and formatting options at the subsequent screen. Here’s what every icon means:

  • Back Icon: Faucet in this icon to discard the photo and seize a new photo.
  • Color Palette: Use this icon to select the color mode for the photo, including black and white, color, colour drawing, or none.
  • Rotate: This icon lets you rotate the captured image.
  • Crop: Use the crop icon to crop the captured image.
  • Tap at the Add (+) icon to trap extra photos in your PDF file.

6. When you capture other photos, swipe right or left at the screen to view all of the photos. You may edit them individually utilizing the options mentioned in step 5. With a view to eliminate any photo, tap at the (-) Get rid of icon at the bottom.

7. When all of your pictures are finalized, faucet at the Save button. Call your PDF file and choose the Google Force account and folder to save the PDF file. Hit the Save button.

8. The PDF dossier will start importing to Google Drive. With a view to download the PDF dossier on your Android phone, open the Google Force app and go to the folder wherein you saved the PDF file.

9. Tap on the three-dot icon next to the PDF dossier and choose Download. The downloaded PDF file will show up in the Downloads folder of your phone.

2. Using Microsoft Lens

If you want to create a PDF file from multiple pictures present in your phone’s gallery, you can use the Microsoft Lens app. It helps you to create PDF files both from the present images in addition to from Camera.

1. Set up the Microsoft Lens app on your Android phone.

2. Open the app and you will see the display to seize new photos. You may try this or swipe up to see the prevailing pictures on your phone.

3. Tap at the desired images to select them on your PDF dossier and hit the Next (>) icon at the bottom.

4. Adjust the area that you want to incorporate in the picture. Tap at the photo thumbnails on the backside to preview and edit them. Once you’re satisfied with the ultimate images, faucet on the Confirm icon.

5. You can then add extra images, follow a clear out to the image, crop, rotate, reorder, or upload textual content to images. Finally, hit the Done button.

6. Give a reputation in your PDF file and choose the box next to PDF. Also, faucet on the arrow subsequent to the PDF alternative and select shop area from Cellphone storage or OneDrive. Lastly, tap on the Store button to down load the PDF file.

3. Utilizing Third-Party App

If you want extra functions related to PDF, you should attempt third-party apps. We’re going to use PDF Convertor that is a unfastened and open-source app that you may uncover on both F-Droid and Play Store.

Let’s determine the stairs to convert pictures into PDF using PDF Convertor app on Android.

1. Install the PDF Convertor app from the link given above.

2. Open the app and grant the essential permissions.

3. Below the Create new PDF section, tap on Pictures to PDF. Tap on Select Images to open the gallery.

4. Now select the images you desire to add with the aid of tapping on the true correct corner of each image. As soon as you’re done, faucet on Apply from the lowest correct nook of the screen.

5. You’ll detect the Create PDF option is enabled, tap on that. You could both retain the default identify or use a specific file title. When you deliver it a title, hit OK.

6. If you see a eco-friendly tick at the next page, that implies you’ve efficaciously combined pictures to PDF. To view the PDF, faucet on Open PDF. That’s it, you’ve efficaciously mixed images to PDF. You may later access the PDF dossier within the Files app with the aid of going to Internal Garage > PDF Convertor

Although the PDF Converter is a unfastened app, it has tons of useful PDF capabilities that you may use to tweak your PDF file. The foremost beneficial out of them is the Password Look after PDF feature, which lets you lock your dossier to make it more secure. There is also an Edit Picture alternative where you may crop the picture & rotate it.

Here are some of the extra features within the app:

  • Merge diverse PDFs
  • Compress PDF
  • Zip to PDF
  • Split PDF
  • Image compression
  • Adding a border
  • Rearrange image
  • Enabling page numbers
  • Add watermark, etc.

Edit PDF

I wish you were easily capable to combine pictures into PDF in your Android telephone with these methods. Now, even if you want to ship documents or your kid’s school project, comply with the above steps and you’ll get the PDF in no time. Look at the finest PDF editors that don’t upload watermarks. Also, take a look at the best PDF compressor apps. In case you own an iPhone, the right way to convert images into PDF on iPhone.