The MSL Friends is an informal, autonomous group that supports the Library through volunteer support and financial donations. The group focuses on holding MSL’s annual book sale. Book sale volunteers begin the process of collecting, sorting and organizing book donations several months prior to this major fall event.

Be a friend! Please call the Library at 362-2602  if you are interested in helping before or during the next book sale.


MSL volunteers contribute their unique talents, skills and knowledge to staff and customers, helping to connect people and build community. Volunteers take on tasks that complement and assist paid staff. They can be of any age, depending on the needs of the Library and the abilities and skills of the volunteer. The suggested minimum age for young people working independently in the Library is 12 years old.

Before beginning his or her service, the volunteer fills out an application and is interviewed by the Volunteer Coordinator and accepted into the program. References are checked.

Volunteers are assigned specific tasks from a list of volunteer job descriptions. The Library matches interests and skills to positions available. A volunteer’s availability is also taken into consideration. There may not always be particular positions available and, conversely, there may not always be volunteers for needed tasks.

If you would like to serve your community by volunteering your time at MSL, stop by the circulation desk to pick up an application.