The New Board President’s View of the Future Part 2

FullC201508D0000-00-00Asked how her work experience will help her with her new position, Linda McKeever revealed that her management jobs often included supervising building projects and putting together office space; hard hats and blueprints are nothing new to her. These experiences and skills will serve her well as she presides over the building of the new library.

Another area where she has knowledge and experience is HR – human resources. Add to that her planning experience. She looks forward to working with the board, staff and community members to ensure that the new library meets and exceeds their expectations.

Linda believes we’re not just constructing a new building; we are creating a new entity. The new library, located in the middle of town and close to MEMS, will be used differently. We have been evolving into a community center and those changes will continue.

Some changes have come from Montpelier; our government has designated libraries as gatekeepers for social services. Increasing and updating our technology capacity will lead to enhanced programming for all our patrons. Other changes include after-school opportunities for students, enhanced space and programming for young adults and comfortable meeting places for individuals and groups. New to the library’s plans is providing space for start-up businesses; they will have access to office space and a level of technology not affordable or available to many people.

The new library is a true community resource built with private donations and able to provide an ever-expanding, ever-changing, list of services to our citizens.

Linda stresses that she has a great board with which to work. “We dialogue; we listen to each other and discuss all sides of the issues. We find that compromise works for us and we have a staff that makes it all happen.”

So we thank Mike Ryan for all he’s contributed and we welcome Linda to her new seat at the table.